Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Training Update: MD Heat Race, Stagecoach 100, and Stone Mill 50

I'm starting to get back into a groove after a slow summer. This is pretty common, as I usually take it easy in the summer with all the heat and travel. This summer was a bit more 'meh' than usual, I think just feeling like I was in a little bit of a funk, especially the last couple of weeks after the Jarmans Invitational Marathon.

Looking ahead, here's why I've got on the calendar:

MD Heat Race - I ran this really under-trained last year, and it was actually kind of painful. This year I'm heading back a little more fit, but not by much. It will be good to get my butt kicked by the heat again, and to have a solid run before Stagecoach 100 Relay.

Stagecoach 100 Relay - This race is a month away (September 24) in Arizona, and I'm super excited to get to travel for another race. I'm taking the first 55 miles, and my best buddy from growing up is taking the second half. It should be a fun time.

Stone Mill 50 - This is a local DC race that's close to where I live, and I got a free entry! I have heard mixed things about it, but I'm excited because it's one of those local races I'd like to check off the list.

My August is hopefully setting my up nicely for the fall. So far, I'm at 176 miles and about 20,000 feet of climbing, which isn't too bad for DC. It's already better than my June, and I still have some days left!

I'm also thinking about possibly adding Devil Dogs 100 to the calendar, but we'll see how things go.

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