Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Training Update: Recovery and 50 Mile Prep

After a hard 50K, I took a couple of easy weeks, and am now starting to get back into a training block focused on a 50 Mile race. I'll be heading out to the Sean O'Brien 50 Miler in February, which I expect will be a nice break from the cold winter training in D.C.!

Post-50K Schedule

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Now that the new training block has started, my coach has me doing similar workouts as before (or so it seems), with probably some more hill training. SOB50 has some decent climbs, so I'll need to do my best to get more elevation in during my DC winter training. Won't be all that easy!

After SOB50, I'll take some time to recovery before diving into a new block for the Thomas Jefferson 100K. This will be my first 100K, and I'm the usual mix of excited and nervous. I chose the race because it's run by Andy Jones-Wilkins, an ultrarunning legend, and it's in Charlottesville, which is one of my favorite cities (and home to my alma mater)! We'll see how the training and race play out. I'm a little nervous if it goes too well, I might get some more crazy ideas in my head...

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