Thursday, November 12, 2015

Crazy Ultramarathon Dreams

As someone who has always remembered their (crazy) dreams, I didn't think much of it when I started having the same reoccurring dreams in the weeks leading up to a race. Recently, however, I've had several conversations with people who experience the same thing, and they are all oddly similar!

Here are some common themes for me, confirmed by several others:

1The "Stop Mid-Race" Dream
Somehow, you find yourself eating a nice lunch, having breakfast, visiting a friend, or some other activity when all of the sudden you remember -- YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A RACE! You start to panic about cutoff times, or simply your ultrasignup results...

2. The "Running Late to Start" Dream
A lot of people have had the classic running late dream. This is when you somehow didn't set your alarm, and now you are scrambling to find you headlamp, nutrition, etc. It's pretty common in life, but for ultras it's always amusing to me because a). I wake up like 50x a night before the race, b). set like 100 alarms, and c). obsessively get my stuff ready the night before. 

3. The "My Legs are Too Heavy to Run" Dream
You are having a solid race, when all of the sudden, you just CAN'T move your legs any faster. It reminds me of another dream where you get in a fight or argument and you are too weak to fight or too quite to raise your voice. It always seems so real...

4. The "Running is Easy" Dream
This is a fun one, and I've had it a few times. Most recently, it took the form of me running the Thomas Jefferson 100K - I was at mile 50, and running fast and without pain. I thought to myself, man, this isn't so bad...I could definitely run a 100 miler! If only it were that easy and pain free...

So, that's the short version. I thought it would be a fun post since I've had a few lately! Thoughts? Any unique ones not listed? 

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