Monday, November 2, 2015

50K Training Update - Welcome to Taper Town

Now that I'm officially tapering, it's time to reflect on this last training block. In short, I'm very happy with how much work I've put in, and where my fitness levels are. In fact, I think I'm more prepared for this local 50K than I was for TNF 50 Miler, which is giving me a lot of confidence!

My numbers were not, nor have they ever been, huge every week. That said, I got in key workouts, long runs, and most importantly - I stayed injury free. 

Garmin Calendar for October - Highest Week was 62.5 Miles

Some of the things that I think worked well for me: 
  1. Nutrition and Recovery - I was militant about my recovery this time. After each run, I made sure to get some glycogen back in right away, either with real food or a recovery drink like Vega or Hammer. I really think this helped me with long runs and workouts, and the ability to increase mileage while staying healthy.
  2. Focus - I was really focused this training block. I mention this because I think the mental game is going to be really important for my upcoming 50K, so that became an important part of my training. 
  3. Balance - I didn't hit everything my coach laid out for me in this cycle, and that's ok. I was mostly there, but I made some exceptions for family and friend-related activities. This is important to me, so I made sure not to let training get in my way. That said, I didn't make excuses. I got up early at times, ran long runs during the week, etc. 
Here's what I have for now until the Race:

Taper, Race, and Recovery!

On November 14th, we'll find out if I can execute and put all the hard work to a successful race. I have some big goals, even for such a small, local race. And, if not, I'll just turn around and get ready for the San Diego 50 Miler in January!

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