Monday, May 11, 2015

Recovery/Training Update: Post-50 Miler, Week 3

The last three weeks have been pretty solid in terms of recovery and transitioning back into training (I actually took some real days off!). I’m still re-living the incredible day, but I’m also trying to stay healthy and get myself ready for the Farm Park Challenge 6 Hour Event this Saturday. Physically, this has not proven difficult, but mentally, I’m struggling a bit.

The struggle is in part due to the intense focus and attention to detail I had the weeks leading up to TNF 50. I was in a continual state of preparation, trying to not think about future races and what they would entail. It’s also in part due to the structure of the race:

This is a truly unique trail event.  The “Challenge” is to complete the 5.2 mile course in under an hour for the duration of your race (e.g. 3 or 6 laps/hours).  Each course lap starts at the top of the hour.  If you are able to finish the course in under an hour, you may rest for the remainder of that hour prior to beginning the next lap.

The 5.18 mile course is composed of grassy fields, dirt, rock, and root-covered single-track trail.  This fast and runnable trail includes rolling hills and a creek crossing. The well-stocked aid station will include water, Gatorade, fruit, and salty/sweet options.The 2015 course is planned to be 2 loops, one that will be run twice and one that will be run once.
Coming off the “high” of TNF 50 and into a busy work schedule, I just have not had the time to think about how I’m going to approach the event. My current thinking is to treat it like a 50K, and make sure I use any remaining time between loops to recover and hydrate as much as possible.

We’ll see - race report to follow!

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